Why Is Interior Design Important for Your Business?

Why Is Interior Design Important for Your Business?

Think about all of the offices that you’ve visited in your life. There are all sorts of different types, layouts, and philosophies that have been tried, tested, and evolved throughout the years.

Watch any TV series or movie, and you can see this pretty clearly. You can see the era when an office floor had rows of desks with typewriters for secretaries, then the evolution to cubicles, open floor plans, and everything else that’s popular.

But what all has gone into interior design as it’s evolved in the professional world? 

The Battle of Style vs. Substance in Workplace Solutions

Form follows function in most things. This means that the form something takes is usually determined by what it does or what it’s for.

For instance, a deep pot is used for a different purpose in cooking than a saute pan. The form of each determines its use. It’s the same with writing utensils. Ballpoint pens serve a different purpose than dry-erase markers, even though they’re both used to write and draw.

When it comes to corporate interior projects, this is often the case, as well, just on a larger scale.

For instance, imagine the design of a law practice versus a doctor’s office. Both of these professions involve interacting with people, but there is also internal work that needs to happen.

However, the ideal designs for these spaces couldn’t be more different. Think about the difference in dynamics of a law office and a doctor’s office. The layouts need to be different, the lighting, the furniture — all the way down the line.

In this, however, many offices try to balance what looks great with what operates great. This is a constant battle in terms of planning and design, and it can be a difficult process. You want your space to be open and inviting, but can your work force operate effectively in that space? How can you adapt different things to different purposes, yet still maintain a constant aesthetic?

But it goes even deeper than that.

Your Interior Space Can Make or Break Productivity for Everyone

Whether it’s about strengthening business relationships, or ensuring that your employees have a second home at work, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of design is how it will affect the productivity of what happens in your office.

If you serve clients in your place of business, there are still elements that can help increase your productivity. It could be something like a dedicated space to greet and entertain clients who come to visit, or it could be simply having a comfortable environment for clients to wait.

The research shows that a well-designed space dramatically improves productivity, helping your people to work smarter and waste time less.

So, what does my space need?

Each space is different. Ultimately, when it comes to your space, the conversation should start with your business goals. Anyone offering design services should be asking about this from the beginning.

It’s very common for people to assume that what they have in their head will meet their needs, but, as is the case with most things, there are usually elements that a full service interior design team will think of that you might have overlooked.

Our process is designed so that you get the best quality service possible so that you find the right solutions that will fit your budget and leave you satisfied for years to come.

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