Office Interior Designs: From Great Ideas to Productive Workspaces

Office Interior Designs: From Great Ideas to Productive Workspaces

Office Interior Designs: From Great Ideas to Productive Workspaces

Pre-COVID, Americans spent one-third of their life at the office. Now we might be working the same amount (or even more), but most of it is happening at home. Two-thirds of people are working at home due to restrictions on being in the office, but eventually, people will return to the office.

As employees being to return, office interior design may look a little different. If you want to learn more about office layouts and how to create a space that promotes innovative ideas and productivity, read on.

Thoughtful Colors 

Avoid colors that are too bright or garish in the office setting. You want colors that promote productivity, innovative ideas, and the wellbeing of your employees.

There actually is some science behind the best colors for offices. Blue, for example, promotes calm and stability and is a good color for productivity. Green helps employees stay calm and efficient and it also doesn’t strain the eyes. Red, on the other hand, is what you want to really stimulate productivity and innovation, as it helps increase the heart rate and blood flow and stimulates passion and emotion.

Keep these colors in mind as you choose paints colors for the walls as well as the colors for accent pieces, such as artwork and furniture.


Storage is critical. It’s proven that clutter and mess increase stress and make it difficult to relax. If there is a lack of storage and organization in your office space, the clutter and mess could be impacting your employees’ mental health and their productivity.

Choose furniture with built-in storage, provide adequate space to store things like extra office supplies, and make sure your employees have access to things to organize their individual workspaces. 

Focus on Health and Wellbeing

Even before COVID, considering employee health and wellbeing was an important part of office interior design. One way to do this is with biophilic design. This is the practice of incorporating natural elements into the office space, such as plants. Not only do plants bring nature inside, but they also help purify the air and lower stress. 

Other considerations that are particularly important are proper ventilation and cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Ensuring that the HVAC systems are working properly, that filters are clean and replaced often, and that proper cleaning is being conducted regularly will help stem the spread of COVID-19 and even the common cold or yearly flu. 


Just as color is important, so is office lighting. Avoid the bright fluorescent lights of offices past. Instead, try to incorporate daylight as much as possible. Natural light and the ability to see outside can increase productivity and reduce eye strain. 

Allowing employees to control the lighting in their individual workspaces is also important, as not all employees work the same and some may prefer a different lighting scheme. 

Office Interior Designs to Promote Productivity and Innovation 

Use these office interior design tips as you begin to think about bringing your employees back into the office. There’s no better time to consider freshening up your office space, as many are empty while employees are working remotely. 

When you’re ready to start thinking about designs, get in touch. Here at IMA Corporate Interiors, we can help you with everything from project design to project management to delivery and installation.