Modern Office Furniture Design Ideas You’ll Love

Modern Office Furniture Design Ideas You’ll Love

Did you know that 78% of office owners are asked for open-office environments? Collaborative workspaces have become highly regarded among employees for their amenities. However, what are some office designs employees want to see? 

Don’t worry with this guide you can find out! From balance ball chairs to standing conference tables, modern office furniture takes traditional ideas and throws them out the window. 

Now, are you ready to design? Here’s an in-depth look into some modern office furniture design ideas: 

Executive Office Chairs 

For executives and corporate higher-ups, executive office chairs are a must. They are designed to look striking with a high back and plenty of cushioning. They’re even made out of materials like leather and real wood.  

These days they tend to come with many amenities perfect for a contemporary office. For example, thickly padded armrests, numerous recline functions, and even a massaging headrest are available in some chairs. 

Balance Ball Chairs

Balance ball chairs are a perfect addition to any office. Since they increase productivity, they’re great to use in any collaboration setting. 

In fact, the chairs themselves can be customized depending on the company’s needs. The ball can be branded with the company’s name or logo. Also, depending on the needs of the employees, the chairs can have a backrest as well as coasters to mimic the design of traditional office chairs. 

Mobile Lateral Filing Cabinets

If you need filing storage, buy a mobile lateral filing cabinet. With horizontally stacked drawers, open storage shelves, and spacious cabinets, it’s an upgrade from your normal filing cabinet. In fact, most even come with 360 swivels wheels enabling the cabinet to be moved easily on both carpet and tile.   

These cabinets also come in contemporary styles. They provide sleek and edgy designs that create a bold office environment. You’ll see colors such as wood, white, vintage wood, as well as black.    

The Luna Desk  

This desk certainly looks as if it was taken from the future. Its boldness and unique beauty will furnish your office with an elite sense of style. Its sophisticated and modern design makes it the perfect desk to add to any contemporary office.  

Just make sure you place it in the center of the room. That way, every visitor can see it’s distinctive characteristics. 

Standing Conference Table 

Standing desks have become highly regarded for their numerous health benefits. For example, they lower weight gain, blood sugar levels as well as decrease the risk of heart disease. 

Having a standing conference table will not only make your office design stylish but comfortable for every person. You can even customize it to include a wireless charging station as well as Bluetooth speakers. That way, you can present interactive presentations and host video meetings, without ever worrying about your phone battery.

Try These Modern Office Design Ideas Today

Designing a modern office means buying extraordinary products. From balance ball chairs to standing conference tables, these modern office design ideas are only the beginning. The truth is the possibilities are endless, so what can you come up with?

If you feel inspired by these ideas, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.