How to Roll Out a Workplace Design That Accounts for Social Distancing

How to Roll Out a Workplace Design That Accounts for Social Distancing

How to Roll Out a Workplace Design That Accounts for Social Distancing

How can we protect ourselves in the post-coronavirus world?

If you’re wondering this, then you’re on the right track. We’re still working with limited information about the virus, though. So, it’s a question that even the experts are still asking.

Your business might be ready to open its doors back up. But, how can you ensure your workplace design can keep your employees and customers safe? Can you keep everyone six feet apart? What new regulations do you need to keep up with, anyway?

Read on to learn how to create a safe work environment and remain compliant with the law.

Research Your Area’s Laws

When Covid-19 first struck, most governors ordered businesses to shut down. It’s important to know that each state is handling the crisis in their own way. There’s no federal law restricting businesses right now.

Before you reopen, you need to research your area’s laws. Depending on the type of business you have, you may not be able to open up yet. Many states are still restricting things like arcades, salons, and massage parlors.

If you can open, then you’ll likely need to adhere to new regulations. To remain compliant, you may need to:

  • Check your employee’s temperatures
  • Increase telecommuting where possible
  • Provide face masks for employees
  • Install shields for cashiers
  • Re-design your business to ensure social distancing

Right now, the United States is a hot spot for coronavirus. Don’t expect your area’s restrictions to lift anytime soon.

Pandemic-Proof Your Office

The CDC states businesses MUST adhere to social distancing in the workplace. Despite the mandate, the advice stops there. That leaves a lot of us wondering — how should we pandemic-proof our workspace?

Here are a few workplace design ideas that are trending right now:

  • Using tape to mark six feet standing areas
  • Using doorways or walls as physical barriers between employees
  • Installing temporary barriers
  • Using unoccupied rooms as new offices
  • Re-organizing desks six feet apart

There’s plenty of architectural solutions that can help with social distancing. Making the change is a good investment. You’re protecting not only yourself, but also your employees and customers.

Office Planning for the Future

Temporary measures will help in the short-term. It’s much better to invest in furniture for the long-haul. It’s unclear how long covid-19 will plague us. Consider these investments:

  • De-mountable walls for offices
  • Glass wall systems
  • ‘No contact’ technology

Are you struggling to make social distancing a reality? So many businesses feel the same way. Continue to encourage telecommuting where possible. Rotate employee’s schedules, and distribute offices as much as possible.

Implementing a Workplace Design for Covid-19

Your workplace design plays a major role in keeping everyone safe. If you’re hoping to reopen soon, then you need to apply the tips above.

Are you still struggling to design an office that accounts for social distancing? You’re not alone. This is an unprecedented time for everyone. Reach out to our experts now to learn more about how we can help your business stay compliant and safe.