Corporate Office Design Ideas for Productivity

Corporate Office Design Ideas for Productivity

What’s the best thing a company can do to boost productivity? Is it pay, benefits, or extra days off?

If you answered yes to any of those, then you’d be only partly correct. 

In fact, among the biggest factors for employee productivity is their physical environment. That means corporate office design plays a large role when it comes to how to staff performs on a regular basis. But it’s not just about wide-open spaces like at some tech offices

It’s also about how space is arranged to allow employees to perform certain tasks, which could require privacy and focus. Let’s look at some office interior design ideas that could positively impact production…

Design For Focus

Open spaces are meant for collaboration. However, there are certain tasks such as talking to suppliers on the phone or having small meetings with clients that still need to be considered in the architectural design solutions.

This could mean walling off a boardroom to allow for more focused meetings, without making the boardroom feel like a completely separate entity. To achieve this, glass can be used to muffle the sound but still offer a connection to the rest of the workspace. 

Smaller nooks with tables and chairs can also be designed for breakout meetings, while offices can even consider soundproof booths for sensitive conversations. In some cases, a “quiet room” might be a good idea to allow staff to unwind or brainstorm ideas.

Adding different elements to a room such as a couch can give employees multiple workspaces, which can help keep them focused by shifting their brains.   

Add Greenery

Regardless of the office is open concept or cubicles, adding plants has been shown to boost productivity. This can mean having plants at each station or even constructing a green wall or a courtyard. 

There is more than one reason that plants can make a difference to employee productivity. One of them is that even seeing nature can lessen stress, which in turn leads to better output. 

Another reason to add more green to the workspace is that plants can help improve the quality of indoor air. They can absorb impurities in the air while pumping out oxygen. As a bonus, some types of plants are even good at naturally absorbing sound so employees are less distracted by what’s happening around them. 

Change The Palette

Even something like the paint color theme throughout an office can impact productivity. There is a link between colors and behavior, known as the Color Affects System. However, it’s not white that’s the best when it comes to maximizing output. 

Based on the established system, the best colors inside the office for productivity are blue, especially for helping people doing repetitive tasks stay focused. Meanwhile, yellow is preferred to stimulate emotions that can lead to ideas in creative industries. 

Corporate Office Design Impacts Productivity

The physical environment of an office, from the furniture layout to the colors of the walls, has a big impact on how focused and productive your staff is. Investing resources in corporate office design can be rewarded with increased employee output. 

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