5 Office Furniture Ideas and Tips for Your Inspiration

5 Office Furniture Ideas and Tips for Your Inspiration

When employees are happy with their workspaces, they’re more productive and efficient. In the right work environment, employee morale increases between 20 and 25 percent.

Your office is the heart of your business. Make sure it reflects your brand and company values. Get inspired to revamp your office space with these office furniture ideas.

1. Consider The Needs of Your Employees

Sit down with your employees and ask them what they need to be productive. Make a list of your basic needs, but include wishlist items as well.  

When making the list, consider the ways you will use your office. Graphic artists need plenty of space for a computer and artwork. Consultants and other business professionals require functional storage and locking file cabinets to secure private data.

Don’t forget that, depending on your business, your employees will also need a place to meet amongst themselves, but also with potential and existing clients. This meeting space is important to consider when designing your office furniture layout. 

Consider a collection of workspaces that can be combined into a shared workspace. This arrangement allows teams to work together and then break into smaller groups as needed.

2. Choose Pieces That Reflect Your Company’s Style

Your office should make a statement about your business. And that statement should send the correct message to employees and clients alike. 

Look for furniture that reflects your style. Is your brand traditional or contemporary? If you’re more conservative, wood furniture embodies a more traditional feel. Steel and glass pieces are best for a modern, industrial look.

You must also choose a common aesthetic for all workspaces. Your office will look more professional if your desks, storage cabinets, chairs, and other items create a cohesive look.

3. Functionality Comes First

While it’s important that your furniture reflects the style of your company, you should be certain the furniture you choose is functional. Work with a professional to ensure you have the basics you need.

If you choose furniture based solely on looks, you might regret your purchase later. For example, choosing a desk you love because it’s eclectic isn’t going to work if you need to store files.

4. Consider Flexibility

You’ll thank yourself later if you choose an office furniture arrangement that provides multiple functionalities. It’s hard to please everyone, but work to make sure all of your employees will be comfortable and efficient when working with the new furniture.

As you speak with your design consultant, ask them important questions about the flexibility of the furniture they provide.

5. Don’t Forget About Storage

Storage. Storage. Storage. 

No office can have enough of it. The last thing you want is your employees and clients navigating through the clutter to get from the door to your desk.

Your workspace is more than a desk and chair. You will need storage for your private files and client data. Storage design has come a long way, and it’s possible to gain additional storage in the form of side tables, bookcases, filing cabinets and more.

Make sure your storage options are part of or match your office furniture. 

Begin Your Quest for Office Furniture Ideas

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