4 Reasons You Should Care About Office Furniture Designs

4 Reasons You Should Care About Office Furniture Designs

Have you ever taken a seat in a space that just didn’t feel right? It might have been nice to look at, but that’s where the benefits ended?

Many people have encountered this — over-designed pieces that aren’t meant to be functional at all.  When people are forced into an uncomfortable environment, their mood, motivation, and ultimately productivity, suffers greatly.

1. Comfort Increases Productivity — A Lot

As it turns out, happy employees are more productive. One study from the Social Market Foundation showed that employees who were happy at work were 12% more productive in getting their outcomes than those who were in the control group.

We find examples all the time where small inconveniences add up over time and foster a work environment that is difficult to be productive in. And the truth is that employees will likely spend 40 hours a week or more in your office.

This demonstrates just how important it is to focus on comfort. But not only for those on your payroll.

2. It Provides A Welcoming Space For Clients

Fast food restaurants have a conundrum in their furniture design. It must be comfortable enough for people to eat together, but it also must be resilient enough to stand up to time and abuse while matching the interior aesthetic.

That’s a tough bill to fit. Fast food establishments serve many customers every day. Now think about the difference in furniture between a fast food restaurant and a more formal dining establishment. Longer meals with fewer people coming through the restaurant allows them to enjoy their time longer and order more items.

In terms of your own office, when you bring in clients, the concerns of comfort should be supreme. You want to engender trust in your brand and assure your clients that you can fix their problem.

When it comes to the design of your office, whether it’s an open plan or other, comfort needs to be considered in terms of not only your employees, but the people you will be entertaining.

3. It Prevents Posture-Related Issues

Every company is looking for ways to save on healthcare costs. One of the best ways to do this is taking the position of prevention.

Postural issues from poor seating, poor desk considerations for where screens are placed, and a whole host of other problems can often be fixed by changing out furniture.

When you consider the investment that your office design represents, make sure to get all that you can out of it. Facilitating a healthy office is a win-win for all involved.

4. It Shows That You Care

Your employees definitely will consider their furniture issues when assessing how their employer feels about them.

Again, happy employees are productive ones. As such, few things let them know that you’re on their team more than equipping them to succeed.

When they see that you’re willing to do whatever it takes, even in small areas, to make their environment an optimal one, they will see that you have their interests at heart.

Design impacts company culture, and think about how employees who are forced into uncomfortable settings react.

When recruiting talent, this might seem like a small piece of the puzzle, but in reality, this is something that most people will pay attention to.

Remove The Pebble From The Shoe

We all know how irritating a pebble in your shoe can be. Every step becomes irritating, inconvenient, and downright loathsome.

This is often how it can feel working in a space that hasn’t taken comfort into consideration.

When designing your office space, the care you take in every detail of planning will matter. Just make sure you don’t gloss over this factor when planning.

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